Barrel Top Barrel Table

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Our Barrel Top barrel table is designed to highlight the beautiful rustic and unique characteristic of your authentic whiskey barrel top.   

Certain to be a conversation piece for the barrel enthusiast, this custom made barrel table offers a fresh approach to our table collection.  Featuring the top 7" of the barrel top, this table demonstrates its versatility to fit into any rustic theme.  Includes a 38" solid oak table top and two purse hooks.

Color:  No Stain, Special Walnut or Natural

Finish: Triple Sanded, Vinyl Sealed, Krystal Clear Coat

Material:  Solid White Oak, Hammered Edge Steel

Specifications:  Barrel measures 35" tall by 26" middle.  Table weight is 120lbs.

Footrest Options Specifications: 

  • Set of 3 Risers are 1/4" steel and 14ga 1-1/2" hammered edge tubing measuring 7" height. 
  • Set of 3 Risers with Footrest are 1/4" steel and 14ga 1-1/2" hammered edge tubing.  Measure 7" height to the top of the footrest, footrest width is 17". 
  • Barrel Ring Footrest with risers includes 3/16" steel and  14ga 1-1/2 hammered edge tubing. It measures 13" from floor to top of the ring and offers a 33" Diameter.  All include Built in PVC pad floor protectors.

American Made