High-top Barrel Table

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A High-top Barrel Table from Antioch Barrel is sure to be the centerpiece of your man-cave, game room or bar. 


This stunning combination of hammered edge metal and wood promotes a feeling of warmth and nostalgia to emphasize natural, rustic and even modern design themes.  Personalized with optional artwork of your choice our hammered edge table with table glass gives life to the rustic elegance of our authentic high top whiskey barrel table.   Note, the built in purse hooks.


Color: No Stain, Special Walnut or Natural


Material: Solid White Oak, 3/16" Hammered Edge Steel, 3/8" Glass


Finish: Triple Sanded, Vinyl Sealed, Krystal Clear Coat


Specifications: Barrel measures 35" tall by 26" middle.  High Top Steel Frame measures 32" diameter by 7" tall making your table a comfortable 42" height. Table weight is 120lbs.


American Made