Stained Clear Coated Barrel

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This is an unmodified barrel. You get to choose whether you want a new, once used, or twice used barrel. Each has its own unique quirks, character and story. You'll be sure to love the richness of the barrels patina. 

Barrel is screwed together, triple sanded, vinyle sealed and Krystal Clear Coated

New: You'll be her first true love! 

Once Used: She has served just one call to duty on creating delicious drinks for all to enjoy. 

Twice Used: Some brewers use their barrels twice before their retired. These have a more weathered character to them enhancing the storyline. Some love it and for some it's a bit too much. You can be the judge! 

Color: No Stain, Special Walnut or Natural

Material: Solid White Oak, Hammered Edge Steel

Finish: Triple Sanded, Vinyl Sealed, Krystal Clear Coat

Specifications: Barrel measures 35" tall by 26" middle.  Weight is 120lbs.

Footrest Options Specifications: 

  • Set of 3 Risers are 1/4" steel and 14ga 1-1/2" hammered edge tubing measuring 7" height. 
  • Set of 3 Risers with Footrest are 1/4" steel and 14ga 1-1/2" hammered edge tubing.  Measure 7" height to the top of the footrest, footrest width is 17". 
  • Barrel Ring Footrest with risers includes 3/16" steel and  14ga 1-1/2 hammered edge tubing. It measures 13" from floor to top of the ring and offers a 33" Diameter.  All include Built in PVC pad floor protectors.

American Made